Carrie Marie Underwood

He [Mike Fisher] likes ‘Two Black Cadillacs,’ which kind of surprised me because he’s a really conservative guy. He would love it if I just sang love songs or I started some awesome career in Christian music. He would absolutely love that.

-Carrie Underwood  (via womenofcountrymusic)

Carrie on the Bobby Bones Show


FULL INTERVIEW: Carrie Underwood In Studio, on the Bobby Bones Show (9/30)

"I had a wee bit of a meltdown in my closet about a week ago, and my husband walked in, and he was like…just the look on his face was like ‘I don’t know what to do.’ He was like, "What’s wrong." And I was like, " I CAN’T FIT IN ANY OF MY PANTS! ALL OF MY CLOTHES DON’T FIT ME!"

….The next day I went a bought some stretchy jeans. :)

-http://www.bobbybones.com/media/podcast-bobby-bones-show-BobbyBonesShow/93014-4-carrie-underwood-in-studio-25361151/ (via cufacts)

Behind the scenes "All Is Well" Clip


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